Office Buildings, Shopping Centers, Parking Lots, Industrial Properties

Security protocol for commercial properties presents unique challenges. With increased instances of vandalism, graffiti, theft, and incompliances with parking regulation,  security and surveillance in public spaces is more crucial than ever to ensure safety for all parties.

Kadima thoroughly comprehends that your quality of foot traffic, revenue, and brand reputability heavily rely on one vital factor: safety.

Armed and unarmed officers standing guard at their post, patrolling the premises, and executing operational duties. achieve a powerful deterrent to active crime. Thusly, your brand benefits immensely by representing an enhanced secure environment for your patrons.

By performing security tactics refined over years on the forefront of client asset security, Kadima delivers unrivaled commercial property protection for:

  • All forms of Entertainment Venues
  • Estate Security
  • Commercial Properties
  • Shopping Centers
  • Retail Establishments
  • High Rise Buildings
  • Office Buildings and Complexes
  • Construction Sites
  • Company Terminations
  • Industrial Sites
  • Hotels
  • 24/7 Supervision Response
  • and more!